We offer an extensive, home cooked Menu using locally sourced produce whenever possible


.In addition to the menu there is a large specials board in the pub


with melted cheese and Horseshoe salsa                                         £4.95

Fresh homemade soup of the day
with warm bread (also available as a main)                                                                                                  £4.95/£6.95

Creamy garlic mushrooms                                                                    £4.95

Prawn Cocktail
with Marie Rose sauce                                                                             £4.95

Olives, Hot Crusty bread, Olive oil and balsamic vinegar               £4.95
to share

Wholeshell Irish mussels
 in a White Wine & Cream sauce with warm bread 
  (also available as a main)                                                          £5.95/ £9.95

Chilli Duck salad
with sweet chilli sauce(also available as main)                       £4.95 /£8.95

Spicy vegetable pakora
with a fresh mint dip (also as main)                                            £4.95 /£6.95


Local Beer battered cod
(served with a salad garnish, peas and chips or new potatoes         £9.95

Breaded plaice
(served with a salad garnish, peas & chips or new potatoes              £9.95

 (served with a salad garnish , peas & chips or new potatoes             £9.95

 Smoked Haddock
with a cheese sauce or white wine &mushroom sauce                        £12.95



Mushroom Stroganoff
with cream white wine & lemon sauce                                         £9.95

Penne Pasta Provencal,
freshly cooked penne pasta coated with a tomato, red pepper,
red wine & garlic sauce topped with grated  cheese.                      £9.95

Nut cutlet provencal
Cutlets coated in a tomato, red pepper, red wine & garlic sauce
topped with grated cheese.                                                               £9.95



Homemade chicken curry
a medium hot curry served with rice or chips and a naan bread           £9.95

Horseshoe cooked Ham
with egg or parsley sauce & chips or new potatoes                                 £8.95

Homemade beef & local ale pie
served with a grilled tomato, mushrooms, peas
& chips or new potatoes                                                                                 £9.95   

Pork loin coated with a rich cream, apple & cider sauce
served with a grilled tomato, mushrooms,peas
& chips or new potatoes,                                                                                £11.95

Traditional Welsh faggots ( made by our local butcher)
with mushy peas,mashed potato and onion gravy                                    £9.95

Tender lamb shank
served on a bed of mashed potato with grilled tomato,
mushrooms and peas                                                                                    £13.95

The Horseshoe Inn Burger
served with a salad garnish and chips or new potatoes                          £8.95

also available as a veggie burger                                                            £7.95

or a cheeseburger                                                                                   £9.95


Grilled welsh pork and leek sausages
from our award winning local butchers
served on a bed of mashed potato
with peas and a rich onion gravy                                                                   £9.95

Home cooked Lasagne
served with a salad garnish, peas
and chips or new potatoes                                                                            £9.95

Gammon steak with egg or pineapple
served with a grillled tomato, mushrooms
peas and chips or new potatoes                                                                  £11.95

Local butcher Rib eye or Sirloin Steak
served with onion rings, grilled tomato, mushrooms
peas & chips or new potatoes                                                                    £15.95

Provencal Chicken
grilled chicken breast with a tomato,
red pepper, red wine and garlic sauce
topped with grated cheese
served with mushrooms and chips or new potatoes                                £11.95



 all prices are subject to change